Swathi Thirunal Jayanthi

To mark the 208th birthday of Maharaja Swathi Thirunal, we are hosting our second online Jayanthi celebrations. In the short span of 2 years since we launched our FaceBook group, we have over 7000 members and growing. We are happy to note the continued participation and enthusiasm of our members and rasikas.

We will be celebrating Maharaja's birthday with a 7 day online music and dance celebration based on 7 categories for the respective days listed in the attached program. We request you to kindly record the krithis ahead of time and post them on the respective dates. Similar to last year here are a few participation guidelines.

>There is no limit on the number of krithis you could post.
>Post krithis based on the category of the day.
>One krithi per post.
>Krithis should be composed by Maharaja Swathi Thirunal.
>Krithis should be recorded and posted directly to the group. YouTube links, Facebook live, watch parties, concert recordings etc., are not permitted.
>Use the following hashtags when posting your krithis
#charlotteswathijayanthi #swathithirunal #gemsofswathithirunal
>Add details like name, raga, thala, some description about the composition, name of your guru allowing the Rasikas to read and indulge in your rendering.
>Complete the form using the link (available from 21st April) to receive your certificate.

To help our risks indulge in your rendering, please try to share the following details when posting your videos.

Disciple of:
Lyrics and Meaning: <add link to the krithi from our website>

#charlotteswathijayanthi #swathithirunal #gemsofswathithirunal